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Unsere Lerntipps

1. Set goals

Set realistic goals and accomplish them through several smaller steps

It is helpful to ask yourself how

  • What purpose does the course participation serve?
  • What advantages do I expect through it?
  • What will change for me, if I accomplish my goal?
  • How will I feel when I accomplish my goal?

For planning and preparation these questions can be helpful

  • What preparations must be planned for?
  • What conditions must be taken care of (for example organizing a baby sitter)
  • Are there any technical preparations to take care of?
  • What are my deadlines for accomplish my goals?

2. Perfect time management

Establish priority in your daily life for the learning process

Distinguish between pressing, important, and less important exercises. With organization a calendar can be helpful. Document your big and small goals. Our brains work less effectively when stressed. Plan so that you can take regular relaxation breaks:


  • 1x per day a big break
  • More small breaks throughout the day
  • 1 study-free day per week

Consider in your planning process your individual effort curve. Some people learn better in the morning, others better in the evening.


3. Learning to study

Try out various learning techniques such as memorization or visualization techniques

Propose a learning process for yourself with which you can control your goals. Every small accomplished goal motivates you for the next step. Reward yourself—also for the small accomplishments.
And if you have problems with studying or motivation, contact our one of our teachers or tutors.
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