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Everything speaks for Lerntransit

Learn where you want

Whether at the computer at home or on the go with your smart phone: the perfect place to learn is wherever you’re online.


With personal teachers

Where do you make progress? Where do you still need practice? Your personal teacher provides motivation and feedback.


Studying with success

From filling out interactive texts to online chatting—reach your goals with various methods. (We have various methods to help you reach your goals.)


Hear. Read. Speak.

German as a second language

I come from Brasil, am a registered nurse, and have lived in Germany for eight months. In order to to work as a nurse in Germany I need to learn better German. Unfortunately I don’t have the time for a typical German course at a language school. The online course from Lerntransit is ideal for me. I can learn German on my own schedule—stress free!

Listening. Reading. Speaking.

German for my colleague

As a Human Resources Manager I’ve hired many foreigners. Often their knowledge of German doesn’t suffice to work as a craftsman. Additionally, regular shift work makes it difficult for them to attend a typical speaking course. With Lerntransit, my fellow employees can learn German however flexibly they require, and still with a personal touch, even specific to their craft/job.

Listening. Reading. Speaking.

German for Tests

I’m preparing for the B1 level German test in my local German class. Despite the course, I am still uncertain whether I will pass the test or not. That’s why a couple of weeks ago I began using Lerntransit: my teacher/tutor motivates me and repeats the lectures with me, which I still don’t understand so well. Since beginning with Lerntransit I feel much more relaxed about passing my German test—in fact, I’m now certain I’ll pass!




Course Contents

What Lerntransit can offer you: 


  • Placement test
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Web Seminars and instructional videos
  • Video chats with your personal tutor
  • Personal feedback and motivation
  • Training for examinations
  • Personal studying/time investment: about 8,5 hours

[Translate to en:]B2-Deutschkurs

Do you want to better communicate and deal with issues in everyday, work, and private life? Then this course is right for you.


You learn and practice:

  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Listening comprehension
  • Proper pronunciation
  • Writing and reading comprehension
  • Further grammatical rules
  • Idioms and figures of speech
  • Length: 200 Hours

Price: 2,90 € / Hour (= 580 Euros)

(incl. 19 % VAT)

[Translate to en:]DTZ-Prüfung (B1)

You haven’t yet passed your B1 German Examination? This course prepares you for the exam.


You practice and repeat:

  • Intense exam preparation course
  • Appropriate for integration course members
  • Individual test training
  • Efficient exam simulation
  • Repetition of important topics and questions
  • Immersive exercises
  • Length: 150 Hours

Price: 2,90 € / Hour (= 435 Euros)

(incl. 19 % VAT)


Individual registrational offers

Every course participant is personally assessed on their strengths and weaknesses from our trusted teachers/tutors. Motivated and face to face.


Your advantages:

  • Learning appropriate to your needs
  • At your own speed
  • At any time on any of your devices
  • Frugal
  • Interactive learning materials
  • Expert and qualified instruction
  • Goal-oriented course contents and supervision that you require for your test or your job

Do you want to expand your professional vocabulary in order to communicate with your colleagues, clients, and customers better?


Specialized Courses in:

  • Medicine, Personal Care, academic physical care professions
  • Craft and trade professions
  • Transport and logistics professions
  • Child care professions
  • Sales professions and much more

Lerntransit offers an equally valuable opportunity for education: through internet based courses independent of time or place


In development for you:

  • German as a second language for all levels
  • Web based German tutoring for integrations course participants and test preparation
  • Mobil tutoring for all school subjects from the fifth grade through final exams
  • Coaching

Here’s how it works:

Immediately after logging in you take a quick online test. Afterwards your teacher/tutor will greet you, and together you can create an individual learning plan that works for you.

Step for step you learn German—through written and spoken exercises. Your teacher supports you the whole way, motivates you, and provides feedback.

If your German is good enough after a couple of weeks you can take a trial test for your speaking examination. If you pass the trial test, you can register for the next official examination in your area.


Course Begin

How to I register for a course?

As a new customer a one time registration is necessary to book a course. To book a course, log in with your credentials, choose your desired course, and simply follow the given instructions.

Is it necessary for me to already speak some German?

Yes, your German knowledge should at least be at the B1 level. You have a solid knowledge of basic German and can deal with situations of daily living in German fairly well.

How do I find out what level my German is at?

This information from the  European reference frame can help in your estimations.

Do you help at the beginning of the course?

Of course! You are motivated, and that is always a good precondition. Your teacher/tutor will greet you shortly after you’ve first logged in and filled out an online entrance examination. Your teacher/tutor will discuss your personal learning plan as well as the first steps with you. Otherwise you’ll receive a PDF from the learning platform with course summaries and plans for the first learning steps as well as helpful tips.

Why do I need an entrance examination?

An entrance examination helps us understand your capabilities, your strengths and weaknesses, so that your teacher/tutor can create a personally optimized learning plan that caters to your needs and speed. This way you’ll better learn to trust your learning capabilities and more quickly attain degrees of success.

Technical Questions

What are the necessary technical requirements I’ll need to meet?

You need access to the internet via a PC, notebook, tablet, smart phone, or other medium. Your device must have a camera and microphone function. With a PC you may need an extra monitor camera and a headset.

Do I need any extra programs or apps on my computer/device for the course?

In order to download and open our offered PDF-data you require  Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free at the following link: the learning platform there are additional tips.

Who do I contact for technical assistance?

If you encounter technical difficulties, please contact our technical support: (support(at)


What are my payment options?

You must pay in Euro and use the comfortable Online-trusted Paypal.

How long do I retain access to the course’s resources?

The learning platform is available for use at any time for the duration of 6 months. Afterwords your access will be revoked. Until then you should complete your course and have registered for an external examination. In certain instances exceptions can be agreed upon.

Are there additional costs for the external test?

Yes, an examination fee must be agreed upon with the external institution where you take your test (IE Goethe-Institut, VHS, Humboldt-Institut)

What if I am dissatisfied with the course?

Then please contact us immediately at and inform us of your grievance. We will answer you as quickly as possible and give our best very best to find a solution. Otherwise you have a legal 14 day right to a refund.

Course End

Do I receive a certificate of participation from Lerntransit?

Many congratulations—you are almost finished. As soon as you’ve completed the learning program you will receive a certificate of participation from us and should be ready for your examination.

Can I skip tests with Lerntransit?

No, during the course you may take tests in the exam preparation process in order to feel more secure and well prepared. For the final examination you must register with a licensed examination center of your choice (IE Goethe Institutue, VHS, Humboldt Institute)

Do I receive a certificate from Lerntransit?

No, you will receive a certificate from the institution where you take your final examination.


In what language will we communicate?

In German.

How do I receive feedback to my homework?

Your teacher/tutor will give you written feedback.

Will communication only be written?

No. More complex exercises and discussions will take place over videochat.

Who leads the courses?

Our qualified tutors and German teachers guide the courses as freelance employees with Lerntransit GbR with the aid of the Moodle learning platform until the end of the course and will be available to personally assist in your learning process. More exact details about your personal tutor/teacher can be found in the secured portion of the learning platform as well as the greeting letter of your tutor.

How can I contact a tutor/teacher?

When you log into the learning platform you can see what teachers/tutors are online. You may contact any of them, whether via text message, opening a chat, or in a virtual meeting.

Online learning

I was always too shy to speak in group learning sessions. Is this the right way for me?

Yes, this is a good choice. At Lerntransit you will receive individual lessons with your teacher/tutor, but you can also overcome your shyness in virtual learning groups.

How much time should I plan for the course?

We recommend ca. 8 hours per week (total at east 200 lesson hours). Depending on your learning habits, personal tempo, motivation, and prior speaking ability, this estimates can be more or less.

It was always difficult for me in school to learn a foreign language. Do I nonetheless have a chance?

Of course! Our teaching and learing style is very different than previously in the school system. With your teachers/tutors the German grammar is in any case no problem.

I require German for my job. Can I learn it with you?

Yes, you may—even if you’re only a beginner. Lerntransit offers upon request German lesons specialized for various careers, but you will nonetheless learn the language from the beginning.